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* Please be kindly noted that our services and products can only be used for research to organizations or companies and not intended for any clinical or individuals.

With the passage of time, Protacs technology has entered an unprecedented stage of development in recent years. Scientists gradually see the absolute advantages of this technology, which can not only transform non-drug target (undruggable) into feasible drug target (druggable) but also resolve the problem of drug resistance of existing targets. In recent years, we have made great efforts to develop the (Protac®) platform of protein degradation technology to provide research tools for small molecules targeting so-called non-proprietary drugs, in order to better help customers and help customers in the process of new drug research and development. According to the different requirements of customers, BOC Sciences can design, synthesize, optimize Protac® molecules, establish analytical methods and carry out the biological evaluation.

BOC Sciences provides you with complete, single-source solutions for drug discovery products and services. Our services consist of different modules that cover every aspect of Protac® development, from ligand identification to biological evaluation. BOC Sciences can optimize your process-whether you need complete end-to-end services, help in one or more stages, or products for discovery work.

If you are interested in any of our services or products to development your research, please feel free to contact us.