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BOC Sciences can provide a diverse and broad coverage of compound libraries, including linker library, PROTAC library, and warhead library, to meet your different experimental needs. In our screening libraries, you can screen compounds based on molecular weight, ligand target, and linker structure.

What is a Screening Library?

Screening libraries, as an important tool in the field of drug discovery, provide researchers with a rich resource of compounds. The design and application of these libraries can accelerate the drug discovery process and explore new therapeutic pathways and strategies. Through the optimization and screening of linker, PROTAC and warhead, drug molecules with good activity and selectivity can be obtained.

The linker library is a repository of diverse linker molecules, which act as molecular modules connecting the active portions of drug molecules and play a connecting and regulatory role in drug molecules. The selection and design of linkers are crucial for drug activity, specificity and pharmacokinetics.

PROTAC (Proteolysis-Targeting Chimeras) is a molecule with target degradation ability, which triggers the degradation of target proteins by binding the protein target to E3 ligase. PROTAC library is designed and constructed to develop molecules with specific target degradation ability. By combining different ligands of target proteins and E3 ligases ligands, PROTAC molecules can be generated with diversity and specificity, and the application of the PROTAC library can accelerate the drug discovery process.

The warhead library is a repository of multiple active warheads, which are the active parts of a drug molecule. Selecting the right warhead is critical for drug activity and selectivity. The Warhead library is designed to provide a diversity of warhead molecules to cover different drug targets. Screening the warhead library allows for the discovery of compounds with superior activity for further optimization and development.

How to Use Screening Library?

  • Identifying screening targets - First, the target molecules to be screened need to be identified. The selection of targets is usually based on biological importance or other research needs.
  • Create a screening protocol - Based on the nature and needs of the screening target, an appropriate screening protocol is developed.
  • Preliminary screening - Preliminary screening is performed to assess the activity of the compounds in the screening library against the target.
  • Preferential screening - Based on the results of the preliminary screening, compounds with potential activity are selected for further preferential screening. At this stage, more sophisticated experimental methods and models are typically used to assess the activity and properties of the compounds.
  • Structural optimization and validation - Compounds that have passed the preferential screening are subjected to structural optimization and validation to improve their activity, selectivity and pharmacokinetic properties. This may involve methods such as chemical modification, structure optimization, and drug design.

What is Screening Library Used For?

  • Drug Screening

Screening libraries are commonly used in the process of drug discovery and drug optimization. Screening libraries can be used to evaluate a large sample of compounds and screen them for biologically active compounds as potential drug candidates.

  • Structure-activity Relationship Studies

The compounds in the screening library can help customers understand the effects of different structural features on biological activities and gain insights into structure-activity relationships to guide subsequent drug design and optimization.

  • Functional Studies

Screening libraries can help customers understand the mechanism of action of specific compounds in biological processes. Through screening libraries, customers can evaluate the effects of compounds on specific functions in cells or biological systems, such as cell proliferation, signal transduction, gene expression, etc.

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