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As a leading CRO serving pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide, BOC Sciences established a PROTAC® development platform utilizing years of endeavor in chemical synthesis and analysis. We provide a wide range of services to support the pharmaceutical industry through all stages of PROTAC drug discovery including ligand design and synthesis for the target protein and E3 ligase, PROTAC design services, linker design, and optimization Services, etc. We specialize in the development and GMP manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products. Our capacity to provide pharmaceutical discovery services across the entire spectrum of the PROTAC drug discovery process has assisted many of our esteemed clients in reaching their R&D goals.

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BOC Sciences’ GMP production sites were designed in strict accordance to US-FDA guidelines for GMP Manufacturing. It has passed US-FDA inspections. We provide standard QC tests before releasing GMP products. For GMP products, we guarantee >98% purity. In addition, extra tests can be provided according to the requests of clients. Our GMP manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet actual and future customer needs in respect of all stages of PROTAC drug discovery.

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* PROTAC® is a registered trademark of Arvinas Operations, Inc., and is used under license.

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