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As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC®) based molecular drug discovery which has become a promising strategy in the area of drug discovery. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, we provides PROTAC In Vitro Evaluation service to customers around the world to meet new drug discovery goals.


Targeted protein degradation provides a broad prospect for drug discovery. In addition, they pose many challenges, not only the ability to find conjugates and suitable drug-like properties for PROTAC methods, but also the need to transcend chance to select E3 ligase as a template for drug discovery. Once the compound is designed and synthesized, it will follow a series of in vitro evaluation analyses from drug administration to intracellular target degradation to verify the effectiveness of Protacs in the drug development phase prior to clinical trials. BOC Sciences can provide a comprehensive set of in vitro evaluation analysis to monitor the specific parameters of each stage.

Below is a list of our available PROTAC In Vitro Evaluation Service (include but not limited to the following):

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