BDNF(Brain-derived neurotrophic factor)

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BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is a neurotrophic protein first found in pig brain by Barde et al in 1982. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and its receptors are widely expressed in the nervous system. BDNF molecular monomer is a secretory mature peptide composed of 119 amino acid residues. BDNF is distributed in a wide range of regions, such as central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, endocrine system, bone and cartilage, but it is mainly expressed in the central nervous system, especially in hippocampus and cortex. In the brain, the BDNF protein is active at the junctions between nerve cells (synapses), where intercellular communication occurs. Synapses can change over time and adapt to experience, which is called synaptic plasticity. BDNF proteins help regulate synaptic plasticity, which is important for learning and memory.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-801051Recombinant Human BDNF
BP-801052Recombinant Human Brain Derived Neurotrophic FactorE.coliHuman
BP-801053Recombinant Human BDNF, GST-taggedE.coliHumanGST
BP-801055Recombinant Human BDNF Protein, GST-taggedWheat GermHumanGST
BP-801056Recombinant Human BDNF Protein, GST-taggedWheat GermHumanGST
BP-801057Recombinant Human BDNF Protein, His-taggedHEK293HumanHis
BP-801058Recombinant Human BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliHumanHis
BP-801059Recombinant Human BDNF Protein, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293HumanMYC/DDK
BP-801060Recombinant Human BDNF proteinE. coliHuman
BP-801061Recombinant Chicken BDNFMammalian CellsChickenHis
BP-801062Recombinant Human BDNF protein, His-taggedHEK293FHumanHis
BP-801063Recombinant Dog BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliDogHis
BP-801064Recombinant Horse BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliHorseHis
BP-801065Recombinant Chicken BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliChickenHis
BP-801066Recombinant Guinea Pig BDNF protein, His & GST-taggedE. coliGuinea pigHis & GST
BP-801067Recombinant Human BDNF protein, GST-taggedE. coliHumanGST
BP-801068Recombinant Mouse BDNF protein, His & GST-taggedE. coliMouseHis & GST
BP-801069Recombinant Pig BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliPigHis
BP-801070Recombinant Rat BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliRatHis
BP-801071Recombinant Rabbit BDNF protein, His-taggedE. coliRabbitHis
BP-801072Recombinant Human BDNF proteinCHOHuman
BP-801073Recombinant Mouse BDNF, None taggedCHO Stable CellsMouse
BP-801074Recombinant Zebrafish BDNFMammalian CellsZebrafishHis
BP-801075Recombinant Rat BDNF ProteinMammalian CellsRatHis

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