CALY (Calcyon Neuron Specific Vesicular Protein)


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CALY (Calcyon Neuron Specific Vesicular Protein) is a major virulence factor and a biofilm matrix protein. After purinergic or muscarinic stimulation, maximum stimulation of calcium release is necessary, but β-adrenoceptor is not needed. The encoded protein interacts with D1 dopamine receptor and may interact with other DA receptor subtypes and / or GPCR. Diseases associated with CALY include Malignant Essential Hypertension and Leukorrhea. CALY is a bifunctional protein that shifts from cell surface adhesin activity in the early resting stage to fiber production in the mid-quiescent and biofilm.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-801081Recombinant Human CALY Protein, GST-TaggedWheat GermHumanGST
BP-801082Recombinant Rat CALY ProteinMammalian CellsRatHis
BP-801083Recombinant Human CALY protein, His & T7-taggedE. coliHumanHis & T7
BP-801084Recombinant Mouse CALY protein, His & T7-taggedE. coliMouseHis & T7
BP-801085Recombinant Rat CALY protein, His & T7-taggedE. coliRatHis & T7
BP-801086Recombinant Human CALY Protein, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293HumanMYC/DDK
BP-801087Recombinant Mouse CALY ProteinMammalian CellsMouseHis
BP-801088Recombinant Rhesus monkey CALY Protein, His-taggedMammalian CellsRhesus monkeyHis

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