EGFR (Epidermal growth factor receptor)

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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is a protein product of oncogene HER1. EGFR is a transmembrane glycoprotein (a member of the erbB family of cell surface receptors) that plays a role in a variety of metabolic pathways. This is driven by the binding of different ligands such as epidermal growth factor (EGF), transforming growth factor α (TGFa), dual-purpose modulin, β-cell protein, heparin binding protein, epidermal modulin, core protein and vaccine virus growth factor. These ligands induce dimerization of receptors and phosphorylation of tyrosine kinase domains. The activation of EGFR is involved in cell proliferation, differentiation, anti-apoptosis, cell movement, adhesion, invasion and angiogenesis. The increase of EGFR activity caused by the overexpression, co-expression and activation of receptors and their ligands is a sign of many human cancers.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-800024Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, Fc-taggedHEK293 cellsHumanFc
BP-800025Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800026Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800027Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, His-taggedHEK293 cellsHumanHis
BP-800028Recombinant Mouse EGFR Protein, His-taggedHEK293MouseHis
BP-800029Recombinant Mouse EGFR, His taggedHuman CellsMouseHis
BP-800030Recombinant Mouse EGFR, Fc taggedHuman CellsMouseFc
BP-800031Recombinant Mouse EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293MouseFc
BP-800032Recombinant Mouse EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293MouseFc
BP-800033Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, GST-taggedSf9 insect cellsHuman
BP-800034Recombinant Rhesus EGFR Protein, Fc-taggedHEK293RhesusFc
BP-800035Recombinant Rhesus EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293RhesusFc
BP-800036Recombinant Rhesus EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293RhesusFc
BP-800037Recombinant Rhesus EGFR Protein, His-taggedBaculovirus-Insect CellsRhesusHis
BP-800038Recombinant Rhesus EGFR Protein, His-taggedHEK293RhesusHis
BP-800039Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, DDK-taggedInsect cellsHumanDDK
BP-800040Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, His-taggedInsect cellsHumanHis
BP-800041Recombinant E. coli EGFR Protein, His-taggedE. coliE. coliHis
BP-800042Recombinant Human EGFR (Active), GST-taggedSf9 CellsHumanGST
BP-800043Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, His-tagged, ActiveInsect cellsHumanHis
BP-800044Recombinant Canine EGFR, His-taggedBaculovirus-Insect cellsCanineHis
BP-800045Recombinant Human EGFR (C797S L858R) protein, GST-tagged, ActiveInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800046Recombinant Human EGFR(L858R) protein, GST-tagged, ActiveInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800047Recombinant Human EGFR(T790M C797S)protein, GST-tagged, ActiveInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800048Recombinant Human EGFR (T790M) protein, GST-tagged, ActiveInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800049Recombinant Human EGFR protein, DDK/His-taggedHEK293HumanDDK/His
BP-800050Recombinant Human EGFR protein, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293HumanMYC/DDK
BP-800051Recombinant Human EGFR protein, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293HumanMYC/DDK
BP-800052Recombinant Human EGFR protein, His-taggedInsect cellsHumanHis
BP-800053Recombinant Human EGFR protein, DDK-taggedInsect cellsHumanDDK
BP-800054Recombinant Human ABCB5 protein, DDK-taggedInsect cellsHumanDDK
BP-800055Recombinant Human EGFR proteinCHOHuman
BP-800056Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, His-taggedCHOHumanHis
BP-800057Recombinant Mouse EGFR protein, His/S-taggedE. coliMouseHis/S
BP-800058Recombinant Rat EGFR protein, His/S-taggedE. coliRatHis/S
BP-800059Recombinant Human EGFR, His-taggedHEK293HumanHis
BP-800060Recombinant Human EGFR protein, His/T7-taggedE. coliHumanHis/T7
BP-800061Recombinant Human EGFR, StrepII-taggedHuman CellsHumanStrepII
BP-800062Recombinant Human EGFR, Strep-taggedSf9 CellsHumanStrep
BP-800063Recombinant Human EGFR
BP-800064Recombinant Human EGFR, Fc-tagged
BP-800065Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800066Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800067Recombinant Human EGFR
BP-800068Recombinant Human EGFR, His-tagged, BiotinylatedHEK293HumanHis
BP-800069Recombinant Human EGFR, His&Avi-tagged, BiotinylatedHEK293HumanHis&Avi
BP-800070Recombinant Human EGFR protein, His-taggedHEK293HumanHis
BP-800071Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Avi/His-tagged, BiotinylatedHEK293HumanAvi/His
BP-800072Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, His-Avi-tagged, BiotinylatedHEK293HumanHis-Avi
BP-800073Recombinant Human EGFR, GST-tagged, ActiveSf9 insect cellsusing baculovirus
BP-800074Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor ReceptorBaculovirus infected Sf9 cells
BP-800075Recombinant Human EGFR, His taggedHuman CellsHumanHis
BP-800076Recombinant Human EGFR, His-GST taggedBaculovirus-Insect cellsHumanHis-GST
BP-800077Recombinant Human EGFRvIII Protein (Leu 25 - Ser 645), His-taggedHEK293HumanHis
BP-800078Recombinant Human EGFR Protein (Leu 25 - Ser 645), His-tagged, low endotoxinHEK293HumanHis
BP-800079Recombinant Human EGFR Protein (Leu 25 - Ser 645), Fc-taggedHEK293HumanFc
BP-800080Recombinant Human EGFR protein, GST-taggedInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800081Recombinant Human EGFR Protein, Strep-taggedHEK293HumanStrep
BP-800082Recombinant Human EGFRvIII Protein, His & Avi-tagged, BiotinylatedHEK293HumanHis & Avi
BP-800083Recombinant Human EGFR, His taggedBaculovirus-Insect CellsHumanHis
BP-800084Recombinant Human EGFR protein, GST-taggedInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800085Recombinant Human EGFR Mutant (d747-752 P753S), GST-taggedSf9 insect cells using baculovirusHumanGST
BP-800086Recombinant Human EGFR Mutant (G719C), GST-taggedSf9 insect cells using baculovirusHumanGST
BP-800087Recombinant Human EGFR Mutant (G719S), GST-taggedSf9 insect cells using baculovirusHumanGST
BP-800088Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Flag-tagged, BiotinylatedInsect cellHumanFlag
BP-800089Recombinant Human EGFR(T790M/L858R) protein, Flag-tagged, BiotinylatedInsect cellHumanFlag
BP-800090Recombinant Human EGFRNSO cellsHuman
BP-800091Recombinant Human EGFR, Fc ChimeraNSO cellsHumanFc Chimera
BP-800092Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledNS0 CellsHumanFc
BP-800093Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledNS0 CellsHumanFc
BP-800094Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, His-taggedHuman
BP-800095Recombinant Human EGFR protein, GST-taggedInsect cellsHumanGST
BP-800096Recombinant Mouse EGFR, His-taggedHEK293 CellsMouseHis
BP-800097Recombinant Human EGFR protein, hIgG-His-taggedCHOHumanhIgG-His tag
BP-800098Recombinant Human EGFR, Fc-tagged, BiotinylatedHuman cellsHumanFc
BP-800099Recombinant Cynomolgus EGFR protein, His-taggedInsect cellsCynomolgusHis
BP-800100Recombinant Cynomolgus EGFR protein, His-taggedHEK293CynomolgusHis
BP-800101Recombinant Human EGFR protein, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293HumanMYC/DDK
BP-800102Recombinant Human EGFR protein, His-taggedHEK293HumanHis
BP-800103Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-taggedHEK293HumanFc
BP-800104Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800105Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800106Recombinant Human EGFR Protein (Met1-Lys375) (Isoform vIII), HIgG1 Fc-taggedBaculovirus-Insect CellsHumanHIgG1 Fc
BP-800107Recombinant Human EGFR Protein (Met1-Lys375) (Isoform vIII), His-taggedBaculovirus-Insect CellsHumanHis
BP-800108Recombinant Human EGFR, Fc ChimeraHuman Cells(HEK293)HumanFc
BP-800109Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, APC labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800110Recombinant Human EGFR protein, Fc-tagged, R-PE labeledHEK293HumanFc
BP-800111Recombinant Chicken EGFRMammalian CellsChickenHis
BP-800112Recombinant Rat EGFR, His taggedHuman CellsRatHis
BP-800113Recombinant Rat EGFR, His-taggedHuman CellsRatHis
BP-800114Recombinant Human EGFR protein, His & S-taggedE. coliHumanHis & S
BP-800115Recombinant Mouse EGFR protein, His & T7-taggedE. coliMouseHis & T7
BP-800116Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, Strep-taggedHuman
BP-800117Recombinant Human EGFR protein, GST-taggedSf9HumanGST
BP-800118Recombinant HumanEpidermal Growth Factor ReceptorChinese hamster somatic cells R1610

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