IFT52(Intraflagellar Transport 52)


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IFT52(Intraflagellar Transport 52) encodes a conserved proline-rich protein that is part of the flagellar transport B (IFT-B) core complex. The encoded protein is essential for the integrity of IFT-B core complex and the biosynthesis and maintenance of cilia. Mutations in the gene are associated with fiber defects that affect bones. Diseases associated with IFT52 include short-ribbed chest dysplasia with or without polydactyly 16 and short-ribbed polydactyly syndrome. The related pathways include organelle genesis, maintenance and GPCR signal transduction. Studies have shown that the existence of osteoporosis can be judged by detecting the expression of IFT52 gene in blood. This method can be used for the early diagnosis of osteoporosis with the characteristics of timeliness and correctness.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-801274Recombinant Human IFT52, His-taggedE.coliHumanHis
BP-801275Recombinant Chicken IFT52Mammalian CellsChickenHis
BP-801276Recombinant Rhesus monkey IFT52 Protein, His-taggedMammalian CellsRhesus monkeyHis
BP-801277Recombinant Zebrafish IFT52Mammalian CellsZebrafishHis

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