LCK ( Lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine Kinase)

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LCK (Lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine Kinase) is a 56 kDa protein, which is a member of the src subfamily containing SH2 and SH3 domains. LCK is a cytoplasmic protein that binds to CD4 and CD8 in T lymphocytes, participates in the immune response of T lymphocytes and plays a key role in the development and activation of T cells. Lck is up-regulated in many breast cancer cases, and LCK is also overexpressed in lymphoma and colon cancer. Lck has become a new drug targeting molecule for the treatment of cancer and neuronal diseases.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-800496Recombinant Human LCK (Active), GST-taggedSf9 CellsHumanGST
BP-800497Recombinant Human LCK, His-taggedE. coliHumanHis
BP-800498Recombinant Human LCKE. coli
BP-800499Recombinant Human LCK, SH3 Domain, GST-taggedE. coli.
BP-800500Recombinant Zebrafish LCKMammalian CellsZebrafishHis
BP-800501Recombinant Human LCK, MYC/DDK-taggedHEK293 cellsHumanMYC/DDK
BP-800502Recombinant Human LCKE. coli
BP-800503Recombinant Human LCK
BP-800504Recombinant Rat LCK ProteinMammalian CellsRatHis
BP-800505Recombinant Human LCK, GST-tagged, ActiveSf9 insect cells using baculovirus
BP-800506Recombinant Human LCK, GST-taggedSf 9 insect cellsHumanGST
BP-800507Recombinant Human LCK protein, Flag-tagged, BiotinylatedInsect cellHumanFlag
BP-800508Recombinant Human LCK, His-taggedS. frugiperda insect cells.
BP-800509Recombinant Human LCK, GST taggedBaculovirus-Insect CellsHumanGST

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