LGI1 (Leucine Rich Glioma Inactivated 1)

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LGI1 (Leucine Rich Glioma Inactivated 1) is a protein that encodes the LGI1 gene in humans. It may be a metastasis inhibitor. The protein contains a hydrophobic fragment that represents a hypothetical transmembrane domain with an N-terminal outside the cell. It also contains repetitive sequences rich in leucine and conserved flanking sequences rich in cysteine. The gene is mainly expressed in nerve tissue and decreased in low-grade brain tumors and significantly decreased or not expressed in malignant gliomas. Diseases associated with LGI1 include epilepsy, familial temporal lobe disease, and autosomal dominant epilepsy with auditory features. LGI1 has been shown to be the main target of human autoantibodies, which can immunoprecipitate voltage-gated potassium channel complexes from mammalian brain tissue.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-801308Recombinant Rhesus monkey LGI1 Protein, His-taggedMammalian CellsRhesus monkeyHis
BP-801309Recombinant Rat LGI1 ProteinMammalian CellsRatHis
BP-801310Recombinant Chicken LGI1Mammalian CellsChickenHis
BP-801311Recombinant Mouse LGI1 ProteinMammalian CellsMouseHis

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