MAOA (Monoamine oxidase A)

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MAOA (Monoamine oxidase A), also known as MAOA, is an enzyme encoded by the MAOA gene in humans. MAOA is an important enzyme in the metabolism of monoamines absorbed by the digestive tract. MAOA focuses on the decomposition and deamination of polar aromatic amine 5-hydroxytryptamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, and is sensitive to selective inhibitors such as chlorogiline. MAOA can cause headaches through pathological pathways: serotonin can be broken down by the residual MAOA in capillaries. When its content is low, blood vessels are overdilated, resulting in pulsatile headaches. Diseases related to MAOA include Brunner Syndrome and Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Cat.No.Product NameSourceSpeciesTagMolecular Weight
BP-801312Recombinant Mouse Maoa protein, His-taggedE. coliMouseHis
BP-801313Recombinant Mouse Maoa protein, His-taggedE. coliMouseHis
BP-801314Recombinant Rat Maoa protein, His & T7-taggedE. coliRatHis & T7
BP-801315Recombinant Chicken MAOAMammalian CellsChickenHis
BP-801316Recombinant Rat Maoa, His-taggedE. Coli or YeastRatHis
BP-801317Recombinant Human MAOA, GST-taggedE.coliHumanGST

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