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Co-crystals, which retain its unique crystal structure because of its multi-component characteristics, which has become an important research topic in drug discovery and design. BOC Sciences provides high-quality services through the X-ray crystallization platform, simplifying protein preparation, eutectic formation and structural determination.


In drug design, an important direction of protein crystallography is to determine the crystal structure of protein-ligand complexes. If the ligand is a relatively small molecule, the crystal structure of the complex can usually be obtained by soaking the protein that does not contain the ligand in the mother liquor containing the ligand. Protein crystals contain solvent channels, which are usually large enough to allow ligands to diffuse to their binding sites. Before preparing protein complexes, biophysical experiments are usually needed to quantify the binding affinity between proteins and their ligands (such as proteins, DNA/RNA, compounds, metal ions, etc.).

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For the preparation of eutectic, we adopted the strategies of co-crystallization and soaking, and carefully tested all the important parameters: 1) the method of adding ligands to protein samples; 2) incubation time; 3) the effect of additives. With the different conditions of combined analysis and crystallization test, a wide range of scheme optimization will be carried out to obtain crystals with diffraction quality.

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