In Silico Protein-protein Interactions Prediction

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As a leading service provider in drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully capable and committed to providing one-stop proteolysis targeting molecular drug discovery based on chimeric (PROTAC®). With a comprehensive and advanced platform, we provide molecular docking services for protein-ligand to customers around the world to meet new drug discovery goals.


"In silico" research technology is a new kind of research technology put forward in recent years, which is literally interpreted as "research on silicon chip", that is, biological research is carried out by means of comprehensive analysis of computer data. This technology refers to the research technology that uses bioinformatics technology to compare, analyze and evaluate the experimental data with bioinformation database and obtain research conclusions, which is parallel to "in vivo", "in vitro", "in situ", "ex vivo" and so on. In silico research technology combines the existing research data with the information accumulated internationally, so that the research can be carried out more efficiently.

Our Services

We can provide a set of In Silico tools that address many different aspects inherent in PROTAC development and have been validated in multiple design scenarios. These tools not only successfully generate a series of highly efficient ternary complexes, but also score the possibility that PROTAC can lead to effective protein degradation.

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* PROTAC® is a registered trademark of Arvinas Operations, Inc., and is used under license.

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